If you are looking for a fun activity that you can do in your free time, then you may want to look at the following suggestions. Some of these may be more expensive than others and some of them may require that you have a team with you.

Clue based games

These activities involve having to solve a set of clues to win the game or find the prize. It will usually involve working in a team, but some of them will have you put in with a team of strangers which would also make for an even more challenging experience. One such activity is the escape room challenge. You can have a look at a few escape room Melbourne reviews, to find out which one is located close to you or which suits your taste. These will usually involve having to beat a timer, so you should act quickly if you wish to complete the challenge. You can also make it to the leaderboard if you complete in quick time.

Sky diving

This may be the most expensive of the options, but is one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting activities mentioned in this article. Skydiving usually involves flying in a plane and jumping off a very high altitude, with a parachute on. Safety isn’t much of a concern as you will most likely be jumping off, with a harness attached to a professional sky diver. The parachute is released at a certain height, after which you will be able to safely land. The only drawback to sky diving is that it is quite expensive, compared to some of the other options out there.


This is another team based activity that you should try. Unlike the escape room by Rush Escape Game, this will be a lot more interesting if you form a team with people you know, so that you can strategize on how to beat your opponents. Be warned though as though paintballs aren’t fatal, they can still hurt you and leave bruises on your body which could take a while to fade off. If you are ok with a little bit of pain then you should attempt this challenge. Paintball is available in most parts of the world, so there should most likely be one in the area. So, if you can make two teams, then this should be an activity that you should try out.

These are just a few of the most exciting activities that you should try out. Though some of them are expensive, you should definitely try it out at least once in your life.