Ideas To Spice Up Your Wedding Reception!

Aside from seeing you say your vows, the reception is surely what all your guests are looking forward to. This is where they’ll get to let loose, get comfortable, and have fun with the newly-weds. There may be traditions that are customary to the celebration, but that doesn’t mean we can’t add little details of our own to spice up the party! Here are some ideas to do just that, so your special day is as memorable as you’d envision it to be.

Have Loved Ones Sing Songs Instead of Long Speeches

Sure, speeches are great avenues to touch hearts or roast the couple, but sometimes these tend to get boring, especially when elder members of the family decide to take trips down memory lane and only a handful of people can relate. You can minimize this or eradicate the possibility altogether by having your speakers cut the speech to a minimum of one to two paragraphs, and asking them to dedicate a song to you. They don’t need to have the best voices, but sweet love songs dedicated to the occasion will surely have everyone singing along. Just make sure Instrumentals are ready with the Sound System In-charge beforehand, or you’ve hired a local band to serenade the guests.

Let the Photo Professionals Capture The Smiles

Having a wedding photo booth rental ensures everyone gets to pose in front of the camera, wear silly props with friends and family, and have a printed souvenir of their own to bring home. Mugs and little trinkets may end up forgotten in closets or charity boxes, but pictures are sure to be kept as treasured mementos.

Host a Mini-Concert or Choreograph a dance

Here’s another way to keep the ball rolling. Instead of having the guests sit in their seats all night, invite local talent (or a famous singer if you can!) to have a mini-concert onstage, singing songs that are both special to the you, and upbeat enough to keep the guests dancing. If you and your partner are singers yourselves, then all the better! Change into comfortable performing clothes and rock-out onstage, and enjoy the spotlight as your friends and loved-ones cheer you on.If dancing is more of your thing, clear the center of the venue floor for your number as a couple! You can hire a choreographer to teach you a routine, or you can make one up based on thousands of Youtube videos available online. You’re sure to excite or even astonish your guests, who didn’t know they were in for more than just a simple get-together.

Customize A Guest Book

Purchase a big scrapbook and place it near the party photo booth Sydney, so guests can paste extra printed pictures into it and write dedications to the couple. It doesn’t even have to be a book, get creative and put up a freedom wall instead!These are only a few suggestions, and you’re more than welcome to incorporate your own. It’s your celebration; do what makes you and your partner happy, and you’re sure to have one of the best days of your life!